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what we do now

Here are some examples of what we do now to help reduce our waste and environmental impact : we recycle batteries and printer cartridges, installed electronic TX valves, door alarms and variable speed motors on all of our refrigeration to reduce energy consumption, we changed our lighting to LED company wide, we use reticulated water systems for cleaning floors, we separate and recycle cardboard, soft plastics and mixed recycling, we collect and recycle aluminium and steel for discontinued machinery and cake tins. We have also recently added a collection point for the public to take away our surplus ingredient buckets available for collection weekly from our premises.

Food Waste

We are conscious of the food waste that occurs in Australian food businesses every day. That’s why we offer our seconds, production overflow and offcuts to the public through our retail outlet. These are items that are still fresh and delicious but do not meet our high presentation standard, or are surplus to our needs. If we have unexpected bulk amounts of stock or overruns we donate them to The Outreach Program run by the Salvation Army or supply them to local retirement villages in our neighbourhood.

Moving Toward the Future

We know that change takes time, and that’s why we are always looking at new ways to reduce waste and power load across the board. We are currently looking into solar power to supplement our energy supply, moving toward a paperless office and investigating a new clean food waste technology system. Our local council, Banyule, has announced their goal of achieving zero waste to landfill by 2030. 

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