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Top 10 tips to sell more cookies from the cookie jar

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Author: Megan Misso
Publish Date: 15/10/2022

How to set up your cookie jar for success.

Sweet by Nature was founded on the perfect cookie. 

Starting in inner suburban Melbourne in 1990, Chocolate Chip cookies were the product that started it all.  Today, Sweet by Nature still makes those cookies… and we’ve sold quite a few to Aussie cafes along the way.  In fact, in our 30 years we’ve baked more than two million cookies for Australians nationally.

There’s been a huge boom in cookie jars since they were featured in Khloe Kardashian’s ultra organised kitchen. We are seeing more and more customers return to utilising well-organised jars to upsell as well as adding an enticing visual element for their displays.

The cookie in a jar is an iconic part of the Australian café scene and can be found on cafe counters across Australia. Why not up your cafe counter game with one of our delicious cookies – perfect for Cookie jars!

Ten tips for cookie success!

1. Quality is the key – Ensure the cookie you sell is delicious. Absolutely delicious. If it tastes great, your customers will come back for your coffee and cookies every day. 

2. Place it in the gold zone – right near your coffee machine and pay counter. Cookies are a great upsell with coffee and a perfect fit for your Point-of Purchase Merchandising.

3. Run a coffee and cookie special. A simple and effective way to increase revenue. For example, in-store we’ve introduced a $2 cookie with every large coffee and found this is great for our customers, especially parents with young kids.

4. Clean and shine your jar for the best success. We recommend once or twice per week – Empty the jar and wash it out, dry well. 

5. Don’t over stack!  Refill to half way only. Make sure you rotate fresh cookies to the bottom.

6. Make it Pretty! Stacked cookies are the craze and careful stacking will reduce cookie breakage.

7. Protect your jars! Don’t keep your jars in the sun or near a heat source. We also recommend storing Pure Butter Yo yo’s refrigerated when not on display.

8. Keep the freshness in! Make sure your jar has an air tight seal.

9. Remember Serving Etiquette. Ensure you use tongs or gloves when serving. We recommend using separate tongs for allergen friendly varieties to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. For example, we have separate tongs for our Gluten Friendly cookies: Alotta Choc Chip, Lemon Butter Berry, Triple Choc Fudge, Rosy Raspberry Monti Carlos, Vegan Big Teds and our Brookies.

10. Better in threes! – The more the merrier with cookie jars, a group of three or five looks great on the counter. Mix and match colours and textures. Our Donut Dunkers look great against our Vegan Peanutty Choc.

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