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Macaron Celebrations 30pk

Macaron Celebrations 30pk

French style macarons are a taste of heaven. Two almond meringue based biscuits, each with a thin shell exterior and a delicate, almost chewy centre, sandwiched together with creamy exotic fillings. The macaron is a tiny little indulgence that bursts with flavour and texture.

Our celebrations pack is a sampler of 30 macarons to add colour to your cabinet! Five each of our macaron flavours to keep everyone happy.

Raspberries & Cream
Salted Caramel
Hubba Hubba
Choc Bounty
Neapolitan Creams
Pina Colada

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Size Guide: 50MM – 30 UNITS PER PACK
Shelf Life: 5 days

Icing Sugar, Chocolate (16.99%) (sugar, vegetable fat (492, 322 (soy), RSPO Palm Oil), cocoa Powder, milk solids, stabiliser (492), emulsifier (322 (soy), 476 (soy), 492), whey powder (milk), flavour), Almond (12.67%), Sugar, Egg, Cream (cream, halal gelatine, thickener (407a), emulsifier (471)), Caramel Fudge (7.95%) (sugar, water, glucose syrup, vegetable fat, invert syrup, milk solids, thickener (1422), humectants (422), emulsifiers (471,322), natural flavours, salt, vegetable gum (401), caramelised sugar syrup, preservative (202)), Stabilisier (egg, vegetable gums (412, 466), acidity regulator (330), emulsifiers (435, 471), soy), Butter (milk), Fondant, Natural Raspberry Flavour (1.67%) (natural colour (120)), Canola Oil, Coconut (0.73%) (sulphite (223)), 100’s & 1000’s (0.59%), Colour (colours (122, 102, 110, 127, 129, 155, 132, 133, 122), Bubblegum Flavour (0.14%) (natural colours (120, 160b)), Pineapple Flavour (0.13%) (natural colour (100(ii)), Coconut Flavour (0.07%), Strawberry Flavour (0.57%) (colours (102, 122, 123)), Flavour (colour (150d)), Salt, Glazing Gel, Glucose, Water.

Made with Gluten Free Ingredients (May contain traces).

Warning: Contains Tree Nuts (Almonds), Egg, Milk and Soy. May contain traces of Wheat, Gluten, Sesame Seeds, Peanuts, Lupin and other Tree Nuts. Refrigerate under 5°C. Also contains Sulphites.