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Buche De Noel

Buche De Noel

Classic French yule log: decadent chocolate mousse with a centre of creamy caramel and Australian macadamias, coated in glossy chocolate and garnished with a Salted Caramel Macaron and a chocolate star, creating a beautiful luxe dessert. Gluten friendly recipe.

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Shelf Life: 7 days

Chocolate (27.40%) (sugar, vegetable fat (492, 322 (soy) RSPO Palm Oil), cocoa powder, emulsifier (476 (soy)), flavour, milk solids, emulsifier (476 (soy), 322 (soy), 492), whey powder (milk)), Cream (cream, halal gelatine (beef), thickener (407a), emulsifier (471)), Caramel Fudge (10.31%) (sugar, water, glucose syrup, invert syrup, milk solids, vegetable fat, thickener (1442), humectant (422), vegetable gum (401), caramelised sugar syrup, salt, emulsifiers (471, 322), natural flavours, mineral salts (500, 339), preservative (202)), Water, Sugar, Egg, Icing Sugar (maize starch (corn, sulphites)), Neufchatel Cheese (milk, cream (milk), stabiliser (410, 412)), Almonds, Macadamias, Gluten Free Flour (thickeners (466, 464), emulsifier (471), vegetable gum (415)), Canola Oil, Gelatine (sulphur dioxide 220, sulphuric acid (513)), Garnish (milk, lactose (milk), whey powder (milk), butter oil (milk), emulsifier (322 (soy)), Cocoa Powder, Flavour (ethanol, ethyl vanillin, colour (150d, 102, 122, 133, 150d, 155), sulphites)), Salt, Glucose (corn), Stabiliser (egg albumen powder, vegetable gums (412, 466), acidity regulator (330)), Colour (150c), Gluten Free Baking Powder (sodium acid pyrophosphate (450), sodium bicarbonate (500), rice flour), Xantham Gum (415), Sodium Bicarbonate (500), Coffee (caffeine).

Made with Gluten Free Ingredients (May Contain Traces)

Warning: Contains Tree Nuts (Almonds, Macadamias), Eggs, Soy and Milk. May contain traces of Wheat, Gluten, Sesame Seeds, Lupin, other Tree Nuts and Peanuts. Also contains Alcohol. Refrigerated storage at 1 - 5 °c