1. Vanilla Raspberry 40pc Catering Box
    Vanilla Raspberry 40pc Catering Box
  2. Vanilla Raspberry 40pc Catering Box

    Moist vanilla almondine filled with raspberries and apples, topped with toasted almond flakes. Gluten free recipe.

    Size guide: 400mm x 330mm - 1 unit per pack - Pre-cut into 40 pieces - 8cm x 3.9cm

    Shelf Life: 7 days

    Note: As this product is made in a production kitchen where gluten source products are also produced, gluten traces may be present in this product. We offer our ingredient information as a guide only and advise that you consult your medical advisor for advice on dietary requirements.

    Pre-order only: Your order needs to be in before 10am the business day prior to delivery date.

    Size: Blocks

    Price: $63.80

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