1. Regulars - Coffee Walnut Torte 6pk
  2. Regulars - Coffee Walnut Torte 6pk

    Sweet by Nature are proud to announce that our new creation, Coffee Walnut Torte, won a gold medal as well as Best In Class at the 2017 RASV Fine Food Awards.

    A moist gluten free recipe walnut cake, topped with syrup and coffee creme, folded through with walnut pieces, finished with dark chocolate ganache. Limited stock, available from Wednesday 9 to Saturday 26 August.

    Contains egg, milk, nut (almond, walnut), and soy product.

    Size Guide: 90 x 45 x 50 mm - 6 units per pack

    Shelf Life: 5 days

    Suitable for ambient service.
    Size: Individual

    Price: $25.40

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