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MEGAN MISSO    November 12, 2013   4.15pm

A christening or baptism is a milestone religious event, where guests gather to mark an important ritual which welcomes   a new member of their religious community.

After the christening, it’s time for the festivities – and that usually means a function, party or get-together, followed by a christening cake.

Christening Cake Traditions

In some traditions, the christening cake of a couple’s first child, is actually the top layer of their wedding cake. However, it’s not always the case that this tradition fits in with modern lifestyles.  Of course, for subsequent children, a new cake must be baked. 

On the special occasion that christening cake is required and you live in Melbourne, it's a good idea to leave this job to professional cake makers. Of course, searching online for "christening cakes Melbourne" or "baptism cakes Melbourne" is a good start; good cake shops in Melbourne should be able to create a cake to your design, or will have a range of designs on display.

Christening cake design

The religious cake should suit the theme perfectly and be a visual expression of the occasion or child who is being celebrated. Some examples where a cake is served to mark a special occasion are; christening cakes, baptism cakes, first communion cakes and confirmation cakes.  

Although religious ceremonies are important milestone events, this doesn't mean that there's no place for celebration!  The cake itself can be designed to be as formal or casual as you wish - from pastel tones to bright colours, designs to match the invitations or decorations.  There have been cakes made in the form of a cross or a bible, with a personalised message to mark the event, rosaries in pearl and crosses with bling to save as a keepsake, or tiered cakes with cute characters, booties and rattles or trains and teddies.  There are a few companies that make religious cakes in Melbourne, it's simply a matter of deciding what kind of cake is needed to suit the occasion or ceremony.

Cutting the cake

Birthdays and weddings are celebrated with a ritual of cake-cutting – it’s one of the most important photo opportunities of the day and it’s also part of the celebration of a christening to take some time during the event to gather around and celebrate the new parents, the godparents and the newly christened baby as the christening cake is cut and speeches are made. 

Cutting the christening cake is a good way to indicate to your guests that the end of the party is near; it is often followed by opening the gifts if you choose to do. Often, the new parents will cut the cake together and then give a short speech to thank the godparents and those who helped to prepare for the event.