Frequently asked questions - Wedding & Engagement cakes


 1. When should I order my cake?

We recommend you order your cake with as much notice as possible, we book in cakes up to 12 months in advance and current prices can be locked in at the time of booking. For wedding cakes 8 weeks notice is preferred in order to allow plenty of time for everything to run smoothly.

Cakes can sometimes be completed with less notice, depending on the cake and serving size that you require. However at peak times of the year, we may be unable to complete cake orders with short notice. Please call us to discuss your needs, as we will always try to accommodate you if we can.

 2. How do I sort out a quote for a wedding cake?

All wedding cake quotes are by pre-booked consultation only.

We are happy to work with your design, to quote on one of our designs or to design a cake that suits your colour scheme or overall themeWe meet with each couple to talk through their ideas and discuss the elements that they have chosen for the wedding day, such as the dress colour and style, invitations, outfit colour choices, reception location and style, the theme and the flowers. We then provide a detailed quote and sketch of the cake.

To book a consultation, simply call us on 9456 9300. Appointments are available from Tuesday to Saturday and usually run for between 30 to 60 minutes.

3. What flavours do you offer?

Our cakes are baked specifically for each wedding. Flavours include chocolate or white chocolate mud, flourless chocolate, flourless orange, vanilla pound cake and traditional fruit cake to name a few. Each is covered in a delicious coating of either dark or white chocolate ganache and can be filled with a range of delicious fillings. They taste as good as they look!

Some cakes styles and finishes should not be refrigerated and therefore require shelf stable fillings. For example cakes with rolled icing finishes.

A sample box can be supplied for $15.00 inc GST for customers booking an appointment with our wedding cake designer.

You may choose different flavours for each different layer of your cake and certain flavours will incur a surcharge.

 4. Do you have a shop? What are your opening hours?

Yes, we have a bakery outlet and cafe, located at 131 Bamfield Rd, Heidelberg West and are open:

    • Monday to Friday – 6.30am - 5pm
    • Saturday - 9am - 4pm
    • Sunday - Closed

We have loads of wedding cakes on display as well as photo albums to browse through. Our cake designer will be happy to work with you in a pre-booked consultation to design the perfect cake. Please note our cake designer does not work on Mondays.

5. How do I design my wedding cake?

The wedding cake is the centre point of the celebration and can set the tone for the event, so it’s important to design the right cake! The wedding cake design is an opportunity to tie the elements of the wedding together.

The number of serves required is important but not vital to the cake design, as we can incorporate Styrofoam tiers if you want a large design but not the leftover cake, or alternatively we can supply cutting cakes to boost the serving size of the cake.

In terms of design, couples might consider the theme or the overall feel of the event. Whether it is a classic wedding, has a vintage feel, or is all about the bling! Perhaps the venue where the event is being held is dramatic, modern or has a garden outlook. Possibly the season or time of year will help in your planning. Other couples might draw on their own personal traits, their interests and hobbies, how they met or their memories and experiences. It can be useful to bring any references such as colour swatches, invitations or any cake pictures that you have liked along to your appointment.

 6. Can I change the colours or decorations on one of your cake designs?

Yes you can. You can change the colours and the design elements on any of the cakes; in fact we can create a whole new design for you depending on your colour scheme or event theme, or work with your own ideas to create the cake of your dreams. 

7. Should I use fresh or sugar flowers? Can you make sugar flowers stylised/realistic/match my dress?

The choice between fresh or sugar flowers is a personal choice, the team at Sweet by Nature are experienced at both and we are happy to use either sugar or fresh flowers in our designs. Fresh flowers tend to be more cost effective but are generally not available in the large, fully blown designs that sugar decorations can achieve. Sugar flowers are handmade to order, and as such are more expensive.

Sugar flowers can be made to be realistic or life like in their appearance, or more stylised, perhaps to match floral details on your gown or invitations. You might like to keep your sugar flowers as a memento of the day, our team can advise suitable storage and display ideas for your wedding cake flowers.

Fresh flowers will provide a beautiful, natural look. However it is important to remember the seasonality and availability of the flowers when selecting the variety, also that some flowers are not suited to wedding cakes due to their holding qualities, or should not be used with food products.

You are welcome to supply your own fresh flowers for us to place on the cake for you, alternatively we can supply flowers from our own suppliers. We can also supply the cake without flowers for your florist to finish off at the reception – this is always our recommended option.

 8. How much will my cake be?

Cakes are priced according to design; therefore smaller, simple cakes are less expensive than larger, more detailed cakes. We are happy to work within your event budget to create the perfect cake for you. You may have a conservative cake fund or have your heart set on creating a memorable show stopper. We can advise on the different options from simple and understated to simply spectacular. As a guide, we have a minimum spend of $250, but most of our wedding cakes range from about $400 to $1200.

On a tighter budget? We have you covered with our new range of Flash Cakes starting from $115.


 9. What is your payment policy?

A deposit of 30% will be required to secure your date, with the remaining balance due one month prior to the wedding. In the event of a cancellation, a $100 fee will apply. Any cancellations within 2 weeks of the wedding date may be subject to an additional fee.

All wedding cakes must be paid in full 4 weeks prior to delivery or pick up. Some of our wholesale customers have accounts with us. Unfortunately, wedding cakes cannot be put onto your wholesale account.

You can pay for your cake over the phone by credit card, online using direct bank transfer or instore, where we offer credit card, cash or eftpos facilities

10. Do you make cakes for those with dietary requirements?

We make a wide range of products using gluten free recipes. These cakes can be used in most designs. We have nut free options and some vegan options. We have dairy free options available also. 

Whilst we take every caution to ensure these lines are produced separately, we are unable to guarantee that our cakes do not have traces of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat etc. as these are present at the point of manufacture. We recommend that those with severe allergies purchase from purpose designed bakeries.

Of course, none of our products contain Trans fats.

11. Do you deliver? What is the delivery fee?

Delivery is available for our wedding cakes; the price varies and is based on distance from Heidelberg and the day of delivery. There are three main pricing bands - metro, outer or regional. The wedding cakes are delivered by our own specialty cake handlers in temperature controlled vehicles and not with general couriers due to the fragile nature of the cake. We will deliver and set up your cake for you personally to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Of course you can pick up your cake; however, once you take possession of your cake, we cannot take responsibility for any damage incurred during transportation, or due to handling or storage of the cake by customers.

12. I would like to pick up my cake, how should I transport it?

We recommend keeping the cake as flat as possible and out of direct sunlight. We can provide anti slip pads to go underneath your cake box to help keep the cake from moving in your vehicle. Depending on your vehicle, you may like to put your cake on the floor in the front seat or in the back of your station wagon or 4wd. We do not recommend holding the cake on someone’s lap, or transporting in the boot of your car.

For all multi tiered cakes, we recommend picking up in a 4wd or wagon type vehicle with a higher cargo area. If you choose to put your cake on the front or rear seat, the seat will need to be levelled so that the cake remains as flat as possible and the cake restrained to prevent any movement, please not that damage is more likely to occur if the cake is transported this way. Finally we recommend driving slowly, especially around corners.

The team at Sweet by Nature are proud of our reputation for quality products and outstanding service. Our cakes are delicate, perishable items and as such should be treated with care. Especially in the warmer months, it is vital to keep the product cool and out of direct sunlight.

We are happy to offer a delivery service for all our cakes at an additional cost to ensure they arrive safely.

13. How should I store my cake before my event?

Cakes iced in rolled fondant or royal icing should not be refrigerated as the icing may sweat and decorations may soften. For those cakes, or cakes with sugar paste decorations, we recommend storing in a cool environment away from direct light. Humidity will also affect your cake in the warmer months, so a low humidity environment, such as an air conditioned room, is preferred.

Most cakes in the range will benefit from being brought to room temperature prior to serving.

Once cut, the cakes can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week, and frozen up to 3 months. If you wish to keep sugar figurines or flowers these must be removed from the cake and stored with anti-moisture sachets (silica) in a sealed but not airtight container.

For more information see the product information PDF

14. How should I serve my cake?

Cut like a pro. If you’re serving a lot of people quickly, keep your knife in a jug full of hot water between slices. It will give you a clean, sharp edge with each slice. Make sure to dry the knife each time before cutting cake.

15. What are the serving sizes for coffee serves / finger serves /dessert serves?

Finger serves are suited to cocktail functions or take home serves. Coffee serves are suited to luncheon functions or to serve after a multi course meal. Dessert serves are the traditional serve for dessert.

As a guide, the following are the approximate sizes:

Finger serve = 5cm x 2cm x 10cm

Coffee serve = 5cm x 3cm x 10cm

Dessert serve = 5cm x 6cm x 10cm

16. Why do some couples keep the top tier? How should we save the top tier?

Traditionally, the top tier of the wedding cake was kept to serve at the first child’s christening. In the late 19th century, the first anniversary became the event to enjoy your saved wedding cake. Cakes then were usually made of rich fruit cake for its keeping qualities. Many people still keep their top tiers, some choosing to order a fruit cake, others freezing their cakes to preserve them, whilst others would prefer a freshly made replica. It comes down to personal choice.

Year-old cake can be delicious! It’s true. You can store your wedding cake’s top tier (or any slice) and serve it safely for your wedding anniversary. Many people wonder how this is possible.

How to store your top tier:

    • After the wedding reception is over, remove any decorations, e.g. flowers and place the top tier of your wedding cake in the fridge overnight.
    • The following day, tightly wrap three layers of plastic wrap around it. Then place it in a Zip lock bag, label it, and put it in the freezer.
    • A day before the anniversary date, take the cake package from the freezer and place in the fridge to thaw.
    • The following day, unwrap the cake and leave on the bench. Allow 2-4 hours for the cake to come to room temperature.
    • Enjoy!

How to store sugar flowers and figurines:

    • They are for decoration only and should be removed prior to serving.
    • They should be stored in a dry but not airtight container.
    • Silica gel crystals are recommended to assist with humidity and condensation issues in storage.
    • You may like to purchase a bell jar as a permanent display for your sugar flowers.
    • Keep away from humidity, moisture and sunlight. Expect some colours to fade with time.

17. I don’t want to store my top tier; can you make a fresh replica cake?

Absolutely. Sweet by Nature offers a service of matching your wedding cake with a 5” replica ready for your first anniversary. If you order this cake with your wedding cake, very generous pricing will apply. Ask our cake designer about including an anniversary cake with your order. We will contact you on your one year anniversary to organise pick up of your anniversary cake. They are very cute!

18. What are the terms and conditions of hiring a cupcake tower?

Our range of cupcake tower stand and cake stands are only available to those purchasing cakes from Sweet by Nature. Cake stand and tower hire is $20 -$40. A security deposit of $150.00 - $200.00 is also required when hiring stands. This amount is refunded upon return of the stand to us in good condition.

The stands are the responsibility of the customer to return and are due back in the week following the hire. If a tower or stand is lost, stolen or broken, the cost of repair or replacement of the stand will be deducted from your security deposit. Current repair / replacement costs will be advised at the time.

19. Can I purchase your figurines or sugar flowers separately?

We are sorry to say that our sugar flowers and figurines are designed and created exclusively for our cakes and are not sold separately.