The Sweet by Nature


'A passion to create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie' sparked the company that now employs over 70 dedicated staff, supplying hundreds of cafes, hospitals, department stores and hotels around Australia.

Sweet by Nature creates a wide range of premium quality cakes, individual desserts and biscuits, and has earned a reputation as the home of simply amazing products. 

Though Sweet by Nature has come a long way from its humble beginnings as The Genuine Cookie Company.

our first logo - hand drawn by Lisa Iorfino

our first logo, hand drawn by Lisa Iorfino 1990

From Balaclava with love…

Developed in 1990, our cookie range was first produced in a home kitchen in inner suburban Melbourne. The founder of Sweet by Nature, Megan Misso, was on an endless search for the perfect cookie, when a friend suggested baking a batch for a local Fitzroy café. The batch sold out on the first day, and the company was born. When a chance to supply a prestigious department store arose, Megan dreamed up a range of cookie ideas and some cakes; presenting them with a sample of her chocolate chip cookie to the buyer. The buyer booked in an appointment but requested samples of the whole range. After a frantic week of developing and baking, Megan presented her fledging range to the buyer. They took the full range and the company took off.

The Genuine Cookie Company Bakehouse..

The business soon outgrew Megan’s kitchen, the company moved at first into a room at Potts Bread in Gertrude Street and then onto a tiny shop in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy where ‘The Genuine Cookie Company Bakehouse’ was born. The team of four, including Megan's brother David, had to be jack of all trades, and their dedication and love of the company helped it grow and prosper through many hardships.

The cafe produced home baked pies and pastries. Word of the Bakehouse quickly spread… the shop became so packed at lunchtimes it was standing room only as customers perched their lunch plates anywhere they could to eat their meal!

Whilst the café was busily producing its famous handmade pies and pastries, the wholesale business grew…..

Our tiny kitchen, Fitzroy 1992

the bakehouse fitzroy 1992

The Cake evolution

As the range grew, chocolate chip cookies were no longer the main focus of the company. As more and more cakes were developed to meet growing demand, Megan made the difficult decision to change the name from The Genuine Cookie Company, wanting a name that described the company more accurately. Megan finally deciding on the name “Sweet by Nature”.

Sweet by Nature moves to Northcote..

In 1995, Sweet by Nature moved into commercial building in Northcote in order to focus on its wholesale activities. The building, located in Gadd Street, was much larger than our little Fitzroy kitchen. However, due to strong continued growth, the kitchen was soon bursting at the seams. A new home was again desperately needed. After much searching, Sweet by Nature looked to our neighbouring suburb of Heidelberg, finding a gem of a building tucked away in Bamfield Road.

the genuine cookie company logo (c) sweet by natureour 2nd logo circa 1993

A new home…

After ten years at our Northcote factory, Sweet by Nature had found a new home. Moving to our new 5000sqm production kitchen in Heidelberg, Victoria in 2005.

The buildings size ensured future growth would be acheiveable.

"The continued success of Sweet by Nature has been due to the dedication and support of our team. Their passion and dedication to excellence has made Sweet by Nature the company that it is today.       

Our philosophy, in turn is on supporting our staff; acheiving work life balance and focusing on family" - Megan Misso, founder.

Although Sweet by Nature has grown and evolved over the years, the  integrity and the passion to create simply amazing products remains at the heart of our company. 

Word of Mouth proves a powerful tool

Since 1990, thousands of customers have appreciated the quality, taste, and innovative products created by the team at Sweet by Nature.

Our customers are fans of our products and of our made to order specialty cakes, our dedicated and talented team creating show stoppers for weddings, celebrations, and corporate events.

The biggest compliment that our customers can give is to recommend us to others.

The bulk of customers of Sweet by Nature over the years have sought us out, for the quality and service that we are famous for.

Word of mouth is a powerful sales tool and Sweet by Nature has benefited from this form of endorsement.

The Sweet by Nature product range has certainly improved since Megan made the first batch of Chocolate chip cookies in 1990.

Today, customers can choose from a complete range of over 150 lines; from Delicious cakes and tarts, muffins, cupcakes, individual serve desserts, biscuits, slices, cookies, macarons and more...


Sweet by Nature mission statement 1990