1. House Vanilla Shortbread
    House Vanilla Shortbread
    House Vanilla Shortbread
  2. House Vanilla Shortbread

    Our Santa's Little Houses are now available! The profits from the sale of these houses will be donated to Kids Under Cover. They are an incredible organisation who works with homeless youths providing accommodation and support. If you want more info on the amazing work they do, head to kuc.org.au

    Buttery vanilla shortbread houses, finished with white chocolate freckles, pastel meringues, musk sticks and lollipops.

    Best Before: 21 days
    Approx. 24 x 17 x 19cm house

    As our houses are lovingly hand packed and picked, please note that there may be slight variations between each.

    Limited stock.
    Size: N/A

    Price: $45.95

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